Who's behind Lelleco?

Lelleco is all about eclectic and conscious creativity expressed in art dolls, soft sculptures and other creatures.

I am Liene and I’m happy to welcome you to my page!

I’m a professional artist from Latvia, based in Spain. There are two passions I always wanted to connect: creativity and sustainability, and the Lelleco project means seeing this dream come true.

In Latvian lelle means doll + eco = Lelleco is a name that perfectly embrace its philosophy: to let the materials with a story keep living in a new unique shape. You will see me recycling all kinds of stuff (vintage, recovered, found etc.) to create new creatures with new stories. 

Dolls are my favourite, especially, the Catrinas of the Day of the Dead. Call it obsession… Some time ago I started the Dark Beauty series: art dolls. These are very special to me.  I have  also enjoyed making dolls inspired by movies or books, see my dolls inspired by the Game of Thrones series!

Many of my creations are for sale on my Etsy Online ShopFor custom orders, please, check this page.

Besides the dolls, I love to draw and paint and there's an ongoing illustration project I'm working on: my own Cat Tarot deck! (Yes, cats are my other obsession...) You can see all the designs I've finished so far in the Design By Humans page and buy them as artprints, T-shirts, phone cases, mugs and more!

Time to time I love trying something new: a soft toy, a technique, a new use of something, a tutorial etc. Or, who knows, maybe a recipe… Find all that in my blog! Though, I'm not updating it regularly, I think I'm the worst blogger ever, lol! But I'm quite good at Instagram  and Facebook , check them out!  

Initially I started this page in Spanish, so many of the early blog posts are still appearing in Spanish, please use the translator.

Stay around for a continuous dose of inspiration!

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