Custom orders

I really enjoy following my own inspiration, experimenting, developing and working on my own art pieces.

But time to time I'm also open to listen to other creative and maybe even crazy ideas and accept a challenge from my clients, making a custom order in the case that I really like the idea.

I want to do my best and to put all my heart in every single thing I make for this reason I might be a little more picky in saying "yes" to your idea. Please, don't think it's selfish and try to understand that if I'm not enjoying creating your order, it's very probable you won't enjoy either having something you know that it's not 100% lovemade. I know other artists and if I think that someone else might make it for you better than me, I will pass you the contact.

Anyway, please feel free to contact me for any idea you have and would like to carry out and I'll see if I can help you!