Rosita's Sisters Doll Series

Some time ago I received a custom order of a doll called Rosita. The customer gave me the idea and I designed a new doll. Rosita is inspired by the Mexican Catrina from the traditional Day of The Dead and her face reminds so popular sugar skulls. The result was so sweet, cute and a little bit creepy at the same time that I fell in love with this doll! The customer was very pleased too. Just look at her! Wouldn't be you? :)

So... I had a new doll pattern and design to work with that I decided to create an entire doll series. I called it Rosita's Sisters. Rosita already have 6 sisters: Bella, Paloma, Lilly, Edith, Ivy and Wednesday! Each of them is very special and unique. They are handmade with vintage and upcycled fabrics, the hair is made of felt and yarn and their faces are handpainted with fabric paint. The dolls have reversible and removable dresses.
Let me tell a little more about each of them for they have different interests and personalities.

Bella: loves reading old books, playing piano and watering flowers.

Paloma: enjoys listening to the piano music her sister Bella plays meanwhile eating cupcakes..

Lilly: loves dancing and playing with butterflies.

These first tree sisters have already found their home. But, don't worry, there are three more!...

Edith: loves music from the 20's, going to parties and tap dancing.

Ivy: enjoys reading lying in the shadow under a tree and playing hide-and-seek in the woods.

And finally Wednesday: the creepiest of all the sisters. Of course, she loves spiders which are her pets and painting meanwhile listening to the classical music.

These three sisters Edith, Ivy and Wednesday are still looking for home! If you want to share your home and love with any of them, please visit my Etsy Shop, they're waiting for You!

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