Dark beauty art dolls: part II Noir

This is the second part about my handmade dark art dolls where I'm goint to tell you about Noir, the sister of Lenore. As her name reveals, her favourite color is black. And would it be very strange if her idol was Morticia Addams?... :)
Before we go with the pictures of Noir, you might want to see some of how these dolls were made, please visit the previous post. There I've explained my creative technique (sculpting + painting + sewing) in some photos from the process.
And now that you know the great time, effort and passion invested here, let's enjoy Noir! 

She's the opposite of her sister, she loves fun, dark humor and masquerade parties. She's always ready for innocently devilish plans. She's a bit eccentric and always wants to stand out. Just look at her exravagant hairstyle!...

And what about the dress? Noir always dresses in black but her outfit will never be simple, detailed and pompous would be the right description...

Also the accessories are very important for Noir. For example, this black flower bouquet with some dark red and blue accents (she can bear some other dark colours in very small dosis). 

The only problem of Noir is that she can't find the right company to spend the eternity together with... Maybe it's you? If you feel identified with her, find her HERE and enjoy the time together! You won't regret it! ;) 

Some practical details about Noir:
- She's a delicate art doll, not a toy and should be treated with care.
- Height: 35 cm (approx. 14")
- Weight: 340g
- The dress is not detachable, except the flower bouquet that can be removed. The clothing is made of vintage, upcycled and found materials. 
- The doll has her own integrated stand (photo below).

Lenore and Noir. 
Despite the differences they also like spending some time together as good sisters. :)

And the vintage version. 

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