Dark beauty art dolls: part I Lenore

There's been a while since my last blog entry, which means the creative muse has been very persistent lately; she just didn't give me a respite until the project was oficially finished. If you're following me on Facebook or Instagram you might already noticed some outlines: I've been posting photos from the process. Now I can finally put all the story and pictures together and show you the result of this long concoction!

I present you Lenore and Noir: two sisters and one-of-a-kind dark art dolls inspired by the Mexican sugar skulls and the Day of the Dead. Though in this post I'm going to speak only about Lenore because I don't want to make this entry never-ending, there are too many photos I want to show you so I decided to dedicate a separate post for Noir, Lenore's darksome sister. 

But yes, I'm going to show you the creative process which is the same for both dolls. They are handmade in mixed technique: sculpted in paperclay, painted and sewn. Actually, I've never been too much into sculpting, but now I'm in love with it and I'm sure I'll continue to enjoy this creative technique again and again. So many ideas, so little time!...
I took some pictures from the process that you can see that it took really a long time, patience and attention to every detail to elaborate these dolls. And I enjoyed every second of it! :)
The armature is made of strong metal wire, found objects and aluminium foil covered with paper tape.

I moulded the shape with homemade paperclay and finished it with non-firing clay for extra smoothness (to be sanded in the end).

The hands are made of Fimo because the clay was too rough and fragile for such a tiny details.
Painting part was especially fun. Skulls and bones are my weakness... 
I gave them cool vintage effect. It's supposed, these beauties have spent ages in the tomb. Poor ladies... 
(See more updates about my dollmaking process in my Instagram account!)

Dressmaking required a lot of imagination. The Victorian era clothing was my inspirational background. All the fabrics I used were vintage, upcycled or intentionally aged, for example all the fabric pieces of Lenore's tattered dress are naturally dyed in PG tips (my favourite breakfast tea, without milk, of course!).

Her extra long and delicate hair is made mostly of natural fiber: very soft beige wool, jute and some locks of light acrylic yarn. She has a flower crown and tiny beads decorating her head and braid. She's  the romantic and the nostalgic one of the two sisters. She passes long days looking through the window and remembering her lost love...

The bouquet of dead flowers reminds her that great day when her dress was white and the flowers were fresh and fragant. When she was still alive... 

Now she's a ghost wandering around the world as if looking for something. Or someone... 

Maybe she's looking for you for some company... 
If you feel that your are twin souls, find Lenore HERE and spend the eternity together! 

Some practical details about Lenore:
- She's a delicate art doll, not a toy and should be treated with care.
- Height: 37 cm (14,5")
- Weight: 310g
- The dress is not detachable, except the flower bouquet that can be removed. 
- The doll has her own integrated stand (photo below).

So, that's it about Lenore. Very soon I'm going to post the story and pictures about her sister Noir! Stay tuned! :)

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