Khal Drogo inspired art doll

Khal Drogo art doll, inspired by Game of Thrones

Here comes the third doll inspired by the famous TV series: Game of Thrones.
The character of Khal Drogo impressed me more in the TV series than in the books and at the moment this is my favourite doll I've made from this series! :)

This doll is special because its size is a bit higher than other dolls, it measures 33cm/almost 13 inches, that is exactly 2cm more than my standard doll size. I had to modify the pattern that I designed a couple years ago when I started making personalized dolls, actually, since then I've been always improving the pattern to adapt it to each doll and to get the best result.

This doll is made of vintage and found materials: I used piecies of genuine and faux vintage leather and other vintage fabrics to create the outfit. It's very detailed, for example the belt, that is made of an upcycled real belt.

Khal Drogo at the hairdressers. :D
The "tattoos" are painted with special fabric marker that doesn't stain neither erase.

This doll is partly sewn with sewing machine; all the smaller details are sewn by hand and the face is hand embroidered. The arms of the doll are attached to the body in a way that they can be moved up and down. The doll is stuffed with polyfill and it's soft and cuddly. His hair and beard is made of yarn.

So, if you are kinda geek about this, don't wait more, put a mini Khal Drogo in your life! :)

P.D. This is a one-of-a-kind doll, so only one and unique specimen available, at the moment I'm not making more because I'm working on other characters. Grab it now while you can on my Etsy shop!

Soon I'll be posting more dolls I've created inspired by the Game of Thrones, as for example Daenerys, the Mother of Dragons... Stay tuned!

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