Dragon eggs for different Easter!

I have always loved fairytales and dragons are one of my favourite fantasy creatures. Meanwhile working on my recent Game of Thrones dolls, especially Khaleesi, the Mother of Dragons, an idea occured to me: why not to make also some dragon eggs?... Daenerys had three so I decided to make also eggs in three different colours.
If the idea came from Game of Thrones, the design of these eggs is rather inspired by the Smaug from "The Hobbit", that great dragon obsessed with gold, jewels and treasures, he inspired me to cover my eggs with jewels. :)

These exquisite eye candies are sewn by hand using vintage fabrics,  they're stuffed with polyfill (therefore they are soft inside) and hand embroidered with different kinds of beads, chains, sequins, rhinestones, semi precious stones etc.. A great part of these beads and pieces come from upcycled vintage jewelry.

The making process...
I used free hand embroidery technique, letting the design appear on each egg naturally, without previous schemes. It took me hours to finish them, but I really enjoyed the process, I even found it kinda relaxing... 

The size of the eggs: approx. 9cm/ 3,5 inches high, 6,5cm/ 2,5 inches wide. They can stand.

So, why not to have a different eggs for Easter? Nothing less than the dragon eggs!! ;)

If you're interested these eggs are already available on my Etsy shop for limited time!

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